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World Traveller

I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled a vast portion of the globe!

At last count I’ve visited 4 continents, and numerous countries! In fact, I’ve visited 43% of all the European Countries, and a total of 13% of countries across the globe! I’ve said hello to 6 US states, with a view to stop at 4 more before October.

In terms of travelling, I’ve flown commercially on everything from Bombardier CRJ-700 right up to the A380! In total I’ve been on 50% of British Airway’s A380 fleet:

  • G-XLEH
  • G-XLEF
  • G-XLEA
  • G-XLED
  • G-XLEJ
  • G-XLEG

In total I’ve traveled on 71 recorded flights, equating to 4.8 times around the earth. I’ve spent 278 hours in the air, equivalent to 1.7 weeks! I feel it’s safe ti say I’m in the right profession, doing what I love!


Skiing For Pics

My Sponsored Cycle Ride

On Sunday my alarm was set bright and early for 7AM. I needed to get up in plenty of time to get to Stratford. After a cycle to the station, a train to london, a walk to another station, a high speed train, and another little cycle, I arrived at the Velodrome used in the London Olympic Games of 2012. Continue reading “My Sponsored Cycle Ride”

Countdown to Easter

And the countdown has begun, there’s under two weeks to go until Easter, that time of the year when Uni students get two weeks off. What a two weeks it’s looking to be. Continue reading “Countdown to Easter”

Motorway Madness

Here’s a post I’ve been mulling over for a while. Since moving to Hertfordshire, I’ve started driving on motorways much more regularly, up to once a day some weeks. In addition to this, with my nightclub photography, I’ve been spending an awful lot of time on the M25 driving to clubs around the South East. I’ve noticed a lot of things which I’m starting to find increasingly annoying! Continue reading “Motorway Madness”

Nightclub Photography and a Hospital

Just a quick one, I spent 1 hour standing in the cold last night trying to get a photograph of an ambulance.

And so, Here it is. I’ve now been working for Licklist for about a month, and have had the chance to go to a number of different nightclubs. So far this has included:

  • Chicago’s – Stevenage
  • Bar Eighty3 – Watford
  • The Stone House – Hertford
  • Eclipse – Brentwood
  • Luna – Hornchurch

Continue reading “Nightclub Photography and a Hospital”

Light Painting and more M25!

So, I’ve neglected my blog a little bit since christmas, so I thought now would be the perfect time to post, seeing as I’ve made a few advancements since my last post. In addition to carrying on with my photography, and buying new bits of kit here and there, I’ve scored a photography signing. Continue reading “Light Painting and more M25!”

Sheldon’s 3rd Christmas

For a few brief days, I got to return home for Christmas. This meant that I got to see my cat, Sheldon. Sheldon is a 2 and a half year old Long Haired Domestic cat, with a lot of sass. Unfortunately he’s got a broken tooth, and has to have an operation in January to rectify this. This meant he was unable to join us at the restaurant for Christmas dinner… Continue reading “Sheldon’s 3rd Christmas”

Long Exposure Motorway Photography

I decided to take the camera out for a test run of long exposure photography. I headed down to a trail which I knew crossed the M25. Parking was simple enough, however, the trail to the bridge was rather muddy. With the time in mind, I made sure that I was ready to take photos as soon as I got there, only taking with me what I needed for the shoot. Continue reading “Long Exposure Motorway Photography”

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