On a cold December morning, what better way is there to start the day than with a warm breakfast? After a hard time convincing myself to actually get up, I popped down to Harpsfield Hall to catch it’s official opening.

After a short ceremony, and repositioning my car to avoid a parking ticket, I decided to head inside for my first official Whetherspoons Breakfast. There is so much on the menu that I was unsure what to try. I decided to go for the Eggs Benedict, which for £4.29 included a filter coffee with unlimited refills until 2PM.

Eggs Benedict

This was the first Eggs Benedict I’ve had in almost 20 years of existence, and I truly feel that I’ve been missing out. The cold ham perfectly complemented the hot eggs and warm muffin. This created an interesting sensation on the tongue whilst eating it. What’s more, I don’t think that the caffeine withdrawal headache will be an issue today. The filter coffee with free refills, whilst not being amazing, is certainly enough to keep you going. With milk and 2 sugars, I could barely taste the difference to the filter coffee I make at home.

Harpsfield Hall has proven to be a worthy contender in the “Places to hang out in Hatfield” category, and I can certainly see myself spending more time here doing assignments in the future.