After being awaken (rather suddenly might I add) by my mother phoning to say she was outside my house, and to be ready to leave in 10 minutes. Rather like the apprentice. I made my way to the car, unaware of what the day ahead had in store.

The destination of the day was the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Leavesdon, Watford.

We arrived at about 9:30, to be searched by security, after which we proceeded to get a coffee and breakfast before we started the tour. I had my usual latte, as the venue was serving Starbucks, and I also had a bacon and cheese croissant. This was possibly the best food of the day, however, it was quite over priced. I was tempted to have a cider too, however a 500ml bottle of bulmers was priced at £4.05!

The Snowman Cake

We queued for about 5-10 minutes, and then the tour experience started. After a couple of introductory videos, we arrived in the Great Hall itself, which had been spruced up for christmas. The food that the students of Hogwarts had at Christmas looked delightful, such as a snowman cake, where the snowmen were dressed up as Hogwarts students.

There was so much to see, from the leaky cauldron, to the Hogwarts express, even Privet Drive, Dobby, and Diagon Alley. It took us about three hours to complete the tour in total, but I’m sure you could keep going back and back, and always spot something new. One of my favourite parts of the tour was the office of the film’s resident crazy cat lady, Dolores Umbridge.

Office of Delores Umbridge

I’d recommend taking your own food to eat half way through, as the food available on site seemed to cost far more than it was worth in my opinion. For £5, I got three chicken goujons, with a rather unimpressive side salad. Mum had a £5 macaroni cheese, which was slightly better. It was good, food, just rather plain and simple.

Tom Edit
Riding the Broomstick

In summary, I’d highly recommend the experience to anybody who has read the books or seen the films and enjoy them. I really enjoyed the day, and whilst slightly pricy, it was a lovely early birthday surprise from my mum.