With 15 days to go until the big day, today seemed like a good day to start eating the Christmas food! In fact, it consisted of a christmas lunch with a few members of Trident Media, Followed by Christmas Dinner at the Airfield with the Pub Society, featuring Secret Santa.

My Purchase for Secret Santa

The Lunch in The Forum Hertfordshire wasn’t bad. For £5.25, I received a lot of roast gammon, pigs in blankets, a Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, mixed veg, and a large Fanta. Those of you who know me well will know how much I love Fanta!

I was rather impressed by the amount of gammon that I received. As the servers carving wasn’t up to the standard of my colleagues and I at work. The pigs in blankets were so good, however limited in number, whilst the potatoes were rather soggy. The Yorkshire pudding was a redeeming factor however. Overall, I’d probably give the whole meal a ★★★★☆.

After a lively session of studying in the LRC, it was then time to head to “The Airfield” for the Pub Society Christmas Dinner. After everybody had arrived, we took our seats, and the starters started to arrive. I had opted for the breaded garlic mushrooms. These were mediocre at best, with a BBQ sauce similar to McDonalds’ offering. After some general chit chat and fun and games, the main course arrived. Almost everybody in the group had ordered turkey, except for Josh who went for a Festive Burger.

Airfield Dinner
The Turkey Dinner at the Airfield

I wasn’t overly fussed by the turkey dinner, as the pigs in blankets weren’t in blankets, the turkey looked like slices out of a packet, and the potatoes were soggy. The mash and Yorkshire puddings weren’t bad though. when the whole meal cost £14, I guess this is to be expected.

Following on from the meal, we exchanged our secret santa gifts, before it was time for dessert. I had opted for the After Eight Sunday. This was the best part of the meal, and on it’s own, I would have easily finished it. Overall, I’d rate The Airfield’s christmas dinner a ★★☆☆☆. However, when you add the company, this increases to ★★★☆☆.

Airfield Dessert
The Airfield’s Dessert

Following on from the meal, we proceeded to Spoons for a night of fun, before ending back at one of the committee’s house for the after party drinks.