The last couple of days I’ve been up to quite a bit. On Friday I had a bit of a late start, then after a few hours in the LRC, I headed to toward the SU for the media forum! Long story short, I  ran in the election for vice-chair of the media forum and won!

Following on from the media forum, we headed over to the Ele House where there was free pizza. This paved the way for a social, and of course, as is tradition on Friday night, KARAOKE!

Karaoke Faces

Saturday saw a day mainly at work. I got to give out a lot of samples which was fun, and I saw mum when I finished at 7PM, and we went to get coffee. I bought Chicken Kievs for tea, and then decided that my new goal is to attain a level 3 qualification in First Aid.

Not much happened on Sunday. I bought lunch at the forum, before driving to Welwyn Garden City. After some tactical directions which skipped me 4 places in the car park queue, I hopped out of the car and walked to Starbucks. I then drove home to purchase my house Secret Santa Present. During the drive home, I noticed that one of my indicator bulbs was not working, so I had a little fun fiddling about with it, and managed to replace it, before going back onto to buy a replacement light bulb.

In the evening I went to the Learning Resource Center, this time on College Lane, to carry on with my coursework. Whilst browsing through my Facebook feed, I noticed a couple of things. Firstly my Spotify year in music where I learnt the first song I listened to this year was Hangover by Taio Cruz, and that I’ve listened to 16 days worth of music this year.

Sunrise From The Aircraft

Also, I discovered that Million Pound Motors, my uncle’s TV series, is going to be shown at 7PM on C4 on the 27th December. I think I’ve got a sneaky cameo appearance in the show, so I’d definitely recommend watching it. The sections I was present for filming were filmed during a two day trip to Barcelona and back.