I decided to take the camera out for a test run of long exposure photography. I headed down to a trail which I knew crossed the M25. Parking was simple enough, however, the trail to the bridge was rather muddy. With the time in mind, I made sure that I was ready to take photos as soon as I got there, only taking with me what I needed for the shoot.

The first major problem which I ran into was the barriers on the bridge. I had not anticipated that they would be about 6ft high, despite having crossed the bridge before. This turned out to not be a problem, as I used two feet of the tripod, and the camera resting on the barrier to keep it steady.

I also din’t have a remote on me. It’s possible to get blurry images when taking long exposure shots, as the camera moves slightly when you press the trigger. To combat this, I put the camera on a timer setting, so that it had a chance to stabilize after i’d pressed the shutter release, before the photo was taken. The end result was pretty impressive. I left the camera’s exposure open for 30 seconds in the end for the photo which I’ve uploaded here. Let me know what you think in the comments.