So, I’ve neglected my blog a little bit since christmas, so I thought now would be the perfect time to post, seeing as I’ve made a few advancements since my last post. In addition to carrying on with my photography, and buying new bits of kit here and there, I’ve scored a photography signing.

Where do I start? Let’s start with a bit of night club photography. After a chat with some lovely people over at Licklist, I’m now signed to do night club photography around Hertfordshire on a regular basis. I’m sure there will be plenty more about this in the future, but as of yet, I’ve completed a trial shoot at Chicago’s in Stevenage, and am headed to Bar Eighty3 in Watford soon!


Next up lets talk about the photo’s I’ve been getting whilst all of this has been happening. Over refreshers week at university, I was able to be the photographer covering The Pub Society’s second beer festival. This was huge fun, as it was nice to be able to offer my mates a way to remember the awesome few days we all had running it. As you can see, I’ve also been playing around with creating banners for photos in photoshop.


I’ve also had the chance to cover the photography of the annual refreshers fair on behalf of Trident Media. This was again a barrel of fun, as it meant that I could get some different shots of different things happening.

One of the things that I’ve always wanted to give a go is light painting. Essentially, using light to create a drawing with a camera. It all boils down to using a long exposure, and painting a picture with a torch. Using an exposure of 30s, and an ISO of 100, by carefully moving the torch in a pattern it is possible to spell and draw things. Another cool thing that you can do is fire a flash at the end of the drawing to capture anything in the scene. I used this technique to capture the following image:


Finally, I’m going to mention the M25 as per the title of this post. With no traffic late at night, it only takes 1hr and 45mins to complete a lap of the second largest orbital in the world. Don’t believe me? Give it a go.

Isn’t it odd that photographers will pay decent money for earplugs when a photo doesn’t capture sound?