Here’s a post I’ve been mulling over for a while. Since moving to Hertfordshire, I’ve started driving on motorways much more regularly, up to once a day some weeks. In addition to this, with my nightclub photography, I’ve been spending an awful lot of time on the M25 driving to clubs around the South East. I’ve noticed a lot of things which I’m starting to find increasingly annoying!

The Red X Ignorers

If you see a red X above a lane on a motorway it means that you shouldn’t proceed any further in that lane. This is for safety reasons to protect workers that may need to be on the road, as well as drivers. This is why I feel it’s stupid when people ignore them. A specific example that comes to mind is when I was recently driving to Hornchurch. On the overhead gantry I could see:

❌❌❌ 40

As indicated by the signs, I moved into lane 4, and slowed to 40 miles an hour. Why then were people undertaking me (which is illegal in itself) at 70mph? I truly believe that the cameras on the motorway should be able to prosecute people who are ignoring these simple rules, however, it is currently only enforceable if a police officer observes this.

The Middle Lane Hogger

This is one that really annoys me. Picture this: I’m driving home at about 1:30 in the morning, there is nothing on the motorway, so I’m driving at 70mph in the slow lane. All of a sudden I see two red lights on the horizon. They get closer and closer. It’s a fellow car driver, travelling at 60 in lane 3, despite lanes 1 and 2 being empty. If I undertake, I’m technically breaking the law. As such I tend to try and make a point by moving into lane 4 to overtake, then moving back to lane 1 one lane at a time.

The Lorry in Lane 2/3

On a similar note to the previous point is when lorries manage to slow the entire flow of traffic, by insisting that they overtake another lorry a total of 1mph faster. This is especially painful when you’re driving along a 2 lane stretch of motorway/dual carriageway, such as the A12 or the A1(M). When a lorry overtakes in this situation it can lead to a backlog of traffic waiting to overtake.

The “I’m too important to queue for the slip road” Driver

This is a personal favourite of mine as the last time I saw it happen, the driver got a decent portion of karma. So you may or may not be aware that the slip road for junction one of the  A1(M) southbound is very long. On Monday when I was attempting to use this lane to exit the motorway, severe traffic on the M25 caused the roundabout to gridlock, hence it took a long time to travel the length of the slip road. As I reached the point where the chevrons started, as the slip road officially split from the carriageway, a driver in a white car came past with her indicators on, and pulled onto the chevrons, to move onto the slip road. Fortunately, the car behind her was an undercover police car. Bang, Blue lights on, and she got a stern telling off.

“If you ever feel useless, remember it is somebody’s job to install indicators on a BMW”