On Sunday my alarm was set bright and early for 7AM. I needed to get up in plenty of time to get to Stratford. After a cycle to the station, a train to london, a walk to another station, a high speed train, and another little cycle, I arrived at the Velodrome used in the London Olympic Games of 2012.

After all of the effort and training that had gone into this day, I was more nervous than anything else. Most of my training had been focussed in the gym, so I was worried that the hills would present a problem on the route. We started out by cycling through the urban suburbs of London, before venturing out into the countryside, then back into Stratford.


For much of the route, I was keeping pace with Justin Lee Collins who happened to leave the start line at roughly the same time as me. In the final stages of the cycle I had to get the mechanic to index my gears, so he got quite far ahead. For the first 5 miles of the race the group was quite bunched up, mainly due to traffic light, however towards the finish I hardly saw any other cyclists as the group had spread out so far.

It was a nice surprise to see my mum at the finish line to cheer on all of my hard work, and the food that I had after the cycle ride was arguably the best food I’ve ever eaten. I was starving. All in all though, I’m proud of my achievement! I managed to cycle the whole route, and raise a total of £107 for Sports Relief.

I can’t wait to see how much my store raised for Sport Relief as a whole.

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