I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled a vast portion of the globe!

At last count I’ve visited 4 continents, and numerous countries! In fact, I’ve visited 43% of all the European Countries, and a total of 13% of countries across the globe! I’ve said hello to 6 US states, with a view to stop at 4 more before October.

In terms of travelling, I’ve flown commercially on everything from Bombardier CRJ-700 right up to the A380! In total I’ve been on 50% of British Airway’s A380 fleet:

  • G-XLEH
  • G-XLEF
  • G-XLEA
  • G-XLED
  • G-XLEJ
  • G-XLEG

In total I’ve traveled on 71 recorded flights, equating to 4.8 times around the earth. I’ve spent 278 hours in the air, equivalent to 1.7 weeks! I feel it’s safe ti say I’m in the right profession, doing what I love!