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Nightclub Photography and a Hospital

Just a quick one, I spent 1 hour standing in the cold last night trying to get a photograph of an ambulance.

And so, Here it is. I’ve now been working for Licklist for about a month, and have had the chance to go to a number of different nightclubs. So far this has included:

  • Chicago’s – Stevenage
  • Bar Eighty3 – Watford
  • The Stone House – Hertford
  • Eclipse – Brentwood
  • Luna – Hornchurch

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Light Painting and more M25!

So, I’ve neglected my blog a little bit since christmas, so I thought now would be the perfect time to post, seeing as I’ve made a few advancements since my last post. In addition to carrying on with my photography, and buying new bits of kit here and there, I’ve scored a photography signing. Continue reading “Light Painting and more M25!”

Long Exposure Motorway Photography

I decided to take the camera out for a test run of long exposure photography. I headed down to a trail which I knew crossed the M25. Parking was simple enough, however, the trail to the bridge was rather muddy. With the time in mind, I made sure that I was ready to take photos as soon as I got there, only taking with me what I needed for the shoot. Continue reading “Long Exposure Motorway Photography”

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