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Things to do in Hertfordshire

My Sponsored Cycle Ride

On Sunday my alarm was set bright and early for 7AM. I needed to get up in plenty of time to get to Stratford. After a cycle to the station, a train to london, a walk to another station, a high speed train, and another little cycle, I arrived at the Velodrome used in the London Olympic Games of 2012. Continue reading “My Sponsored Cycle Ride”


Light Painting and more M25!

So, I’ve neglected my blog a little bit since christmas, so I thought now would be the perfect time to post, seeing as I’ve made a few advancements since my last post. In addition to carrying on with my photography, and buying new bits of kit here and there, I’ve scored a photography signing. Continue reading “Light Painting and more M25!”

The Evening After the Night Before

Happy Birthday to me! Today marks the first day of my 21st year on the planet! Yay to me being 20! Yesterday, after a meeting, we went for a few drinks at Spoons, It was great to catch up with all of the people who couldn’t make it to Oceana afterwards. Long story cut short, it was an incredible night. Continue reading “The Evening After the Night Before”

Media, Work, CATIA, and TV

The last couple of days I’ve been up to quite a bit. On Friday I had a bit of a late start, then after a few hours in the LRC, I headed to toward the SU for the media forum! Long story short, I ┬áran in the election for vice-chair of the media forum and won! Continue reading “Media, Work, CATIA, and TV”

Hogwarts With Harry

After being awaken (rather suddenly might I add) by my mother phoning to say she was outside my house, and to be ready to leave in 10 minutes. Rather like the apprentice. I made my way to the car, unaware of what the day ahead had in store.

The destination of the day was the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Leavesdon, Watford. Continue reading “Hogwarts With Harry”

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